The Effective 2 Step Strategy
for Winning Customers
on the Internet...

(Which I Implement for You)


First, let's agree that "being online" is a thing pretty much every business has to do now, even yours.

Your company probably has a website, a Facebook page, perhaps even a Twitter account. Yet the internet all by itself has not produced the massive amounts of customers you thought it would. 

Ever wonder why that is? To understand it, consider the following:



The Obvious Strategy:
Be Where Your Customers Are

When your customer has a problem, they go online and google it. Based on what they read, they might check out a product that fixes the problem they're having. But before they buy it, they'll read a few reviews first.

So here's the obvious two part strategy:

  1. Make sure articles that mention you come up when someone searches for their problem.
  2. Have a bunch of good reviews when someone Googles your product.

Step 1: Getting Blog Articles To Mention You


There are two ways to get articles that mention you to come up when someone looks around. The first is to write them and post them on your own website. But that could take ages before Google puts you up in a good position, if they ever do. 

The second way is to write the articles and get them posted on other people's websites. Bloggers are excellent for this because they already have an audience and their websites show up on Google. They are also trusted by their readers. When they post an article that mentions you it can really inspire their readers to check you out.

The way to win these guest posts or to get mentioned is to simply reach out. Find and e-mail bloggers who write to an audience that looks a lot like your customer base. Then ask them if they'd be willing to let you contribute an article.


Step 2: Having Good Reviews Online

Getting good reviews online is extremely important these days. Before someone buys a product, they'll google the product name and the word "review". Based on what they see, they will make a decision to either buy or not buy.

The way you get bloggers to review your product is by reaching out. Send them an e-mail and ask them if they'd like a free sample in exchange for an honest review. It's a time consuming and sometimes tedious process, but it works. 

Once they get your product sample, they will write up a review. Since their blogs are already established and ranked by Google, there is a good chance that when someone looks for reviews they will find these independent blog reviews.

This is important because after they read an article that mentioned you, they will most likely look around for reviews like this to find out if they should give you a chance!


What I Can Do

I make implementing this 2-step strategy very easy. My team will take care of literally everything. That includes:

  • Finding high quality blogs that your audience is likely to read. 
  • Contacting those bloggers and getting them on board to review your product.
  • Getting some of those bloggers to allow us to post a guest article.
  • Writing guest articles full of information that your customers are looking for.
  • Shipping product samples to bloggers so they can write their reviews.
  • Staying on top of everything to make sure it goes smoothly.

Basically, I am the one stop shop for implementing this effective strategy. My team doesn't need babysitting, I won't ask a million questions. This will just get done.

If you're already doing some of this on your own and just need help with a thing here or there, that's fine too. I'm happy to work with you or your team on any of the following a-la-carte:

Product Reviews
Starting at $250 per live review.

Guest Blog Posting
Starting at $150 per placement.

Article Writing
Starting at $100 per high quality article.

Link Building
Starting at $100 per link.


Next Steps

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