Greg Gibas, Chicago, USA

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Greg Marketing
4044 N. Lincoln Ave, Suite 114
Chicago, IL 60618 USA

Getting Things Done since 2010

I started my business in 2010. My focus was providing virtual office staff, so I called the business Office Goblins. Over the years though, it seemed that companies didn't want to hire staff, they wanted to hire results.

With plenty of feedback from clients, I started to focus on "done for you" services. The idea is to create turnkey systems where you tell us what result you want and we get it done. This eliminates unnecessary back and forth and everyone is happier.

Me and my core team in the Philippines, March 2017

Me and my core team in the Philippines, March 2017

One of the advantages of having a lot of experience is being able to figure out what you're very good at. It seemed for my team that marketing services was our calling. Whether it's calling, e-mailing, online stalking, er, I mean prospecting... we had it down cold.

In 2016 after much consideration, we made the decision drop virtual staffing as a service. With it, we finally dropped the name Office Goblins. Just didn't seem to make much sense anymore.

But rather than come up with some clever new gimmick, we decided to keep things simple. People like simple. So I chose the name Greg Marketing... because I'm Greg and my team rocks at Marketing. :-)