Going direct to your customers is a great way to get sales FAST. This is as close as you can get to "instant results".  I have two ways to help you there.

Don't think of picking one or the other. Use both together to get the best results.


Method 1: Telemarketing

Outbound telemarketing is still a great way to start conversations with businesses.

My company has been making calls for over 7 years. In fact, we've completed over 2 million calls on behalf of our clients.

The problem is a lot of companies getting started with telemarketing pick a bad strategy. They try to go for the sale right away, which doesn't work. There are better ways to get your foot in the door, which I can help you with.

Once we've designed a strategy that is likely to get goo results, my team can make the calls for you too.

Pricing depends on your specific requirements, so contact me for a proposal. Typical packages start at $2,500.


Method 2: E-Mail & LinkedIn

You can't reach everyone by phone. There's many reasons for that. It could be aggressive gatekeepers. Or the fact that so many businesses don't have phone numbers anymore. It can also be that the right person is out of reach.

In any case, another great way to get your foot in the door is by using e-mail. No, this is not spam. There is a way to reach out and be compliant with the law.

Another way to find good prospects is by using LinkedIn. The big advantage with LinkedIn is the ability to find the right person in the right department. 

I have a lot of experience finding and contacting prospects using these methods. My staff can help you put together a list of prospects and reach out to them on your behalf. 

The starting price for a campaign is $2,500.


The best way to figure out which of these will work for you is to request a consultation. From there, I can put together a proposal that will make sense.